Digital Marketing for Real Estate- Complete Guide


Marketing Strategy is a key factor in any business that defines weather your campaign is going to be success or just a waste of time and money. Digital marketing for real estate business is quite different than other online business.

Like you can’t generate a interest among customer and sell a big house rather you have to target specific audience that are actively searching for house. We will discuss this point in later section.

We have listed most crucial points that you must consider to take your real estate business to new heights. You can follow these points and use it as a step to grow your real estate business.


User Friendly and Professional website

Website is one of the best way to build trust online and be presentable at the same time. Website may seem like an expense but trust us it’s not an expense, it’s an investment that pays you a best returns.

Website is optional but having one will make many of your tasks easy and generate more leads for your business.

Make sure that your website will be clean and easy to understand for the users. Users or customers don’t want to see a junk or a messy websites, today users want everything quickly, make each section so clear that customer will get what they want from your site.

Don’t try to be too funky with your real estate website, it will give a bad impression to customers rather be professional like you are making a deal. Professional websites not only helps in showing business authenticity but also build trust which ultimately gives more leads.

The one more factor that you must consider is keep your website mobile friendly. More and more people are now browsing through their mobile and Google is also giving preference to mobile friendly websites.

We will discuss about what content you should add to your website that will increase the chances of conversion.


Identify Audience

Identifying the audience is the biggest factor that defines your online success. Identifying audience may be an easy task but most of the businesses make mistake while selecting target audience.

In property business you can’t generate interest just by showing your ads multiple times and expecting a huge conversion rate. You can only generate interest for small things like clothes, shoes, appliances or some accessories because it requires less investment.

But in case of house, land or property you can’t generate interest because huge investment is involve in this complete process.

So be cautious while creating your audience online. Don’t just strive to run an ad campaign. You don’t want to burn budget on showing your ads to a 20 year old student who don’t have interest and decision making power.

Age group, locality and decision making power, these three factors will play a major role in your complete strategy. Audience selection is directly affect your campaign budget, so be intelligent here.

  • Most of the people now a days are try to buy property or house at the age of 30 – 40 year and at the same time they have decision making power too.
  • Another age group is of senior citizens who are looking to purchase a land or house for their child or themselves and happy to spend their retirement life.
  • Another factor is locality, try to narrow down your area at start. You don’t want to show your ad to people in Delhi if you want to sell property I Mumbai. Here try to be specific, select a region and look for purchasing power of people in that region.


Create Valuable content for audience

So you have website and decided what your audience are going to be. Now it’s time to give some value to your audiences which ultimately are going to be your customers.

Making a valuable content or posting a blog regularly will not only build trust and brand awareness but also helps in website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will rank your website on Google.

Now you may have a question like what type of content we should create for real estate business?

Try to use emotions in your content like most of the TV commercials are doing. Use a story telling tactic in your content like Happy together family, newly married, child’s first home and many other emotions.

You can also create a project based content. Like if you are having a project outside of city, you can make a content based on surrounding areas. Try to cover beautiful places around your project, include all the positive things about the project.

Here we are giving some content Idea that will convert more audience.

  • Home buying process guide – Content that will guide customers throughout the home buying journey.
  • Companies thought process for society – Show your dream for the society and how people will help in building them.
  • Technical stuff about project – Include new technologies used in making the project.

Content like these will surely provide value to every customers and helps you to build your Brand.

Don’t be limited to only Blogs but create other form of contents like imagery, videos, 3d stuffs etc.


Host Virtual Tours

Advancement in technology is tremendousnow a day and people are crazy about new technology. People are adopting technology really very fast. Imagery, videos, 3d virtual tours almost double your conversion rate.

We can use these technologies to capture our target customer’s attention.

Virtual home tours– It is an incredible way of showing what you are actually offering to people. Virtual tours are sharable and it works like mouth publicity for your business. Provide clear and original visuals so that people can have faith in your business.

Images and Videos – 3D images will definitely draw attentions. Include every single detail in 3D image, people want to see details if they are really interested in your property.

Digital Illustration – Digital illustration makes an impressive impact on customers. Showcasing Interior design, parking lots, children’s park etc. can generate curiosity among customers to see a real property. Although we suggest to include a real footage, it works better.

Drone View – Top 360 view give a wholesome idea to customers what actual building is look like and what are the surrounding area. Many times people don’t buy just because of surrounding area, Drone view helps them make their decision strong.

These technologies are easily available in any city, so go ahead and try out these technology. You will surely get more leads and conversions.


Pay Per Click Ads

PPC or Pay Per Clicks ads are the great strategy that will surely generate new leads and you just have to pay when someone clicks on your ads.

Seeking potential client who are genuinely interested in buying property can be easily targeted with this strategy for builders and developers or real estate business.

Google PPC search ads are best, the ad will target individuals who have searched for related terms. Your ad will be shown to people who are actually actively searching for property.

Social media like Facebook also have such feature you can acquire a new customer through ad and customer acquisition cost is relatively low.

If you don’t have much idea about PPC ads, we suggest to hire someone to run a campaign for your business else it will not give desire result.


Develop E-mail campaign

E-mail marketing is one of the strongest strategies to connect with new leads and staying relevant with past clients. It’s basically a second step after PPC ads, if customer not converts through PPC you can follow up by using E-mails or by running retargeting ads.

Actually a complete process work as a marketing funnel, once the potential customer visited your site through PPC ads and leaves without converting you can retarget same customer through retargeting ads or you can collect a mails and follow up through a sequence of mails.

And the best thing is that with a right knowledge you can automate this complete process. It may seems complicated at start but trust us it’s not. It’s just a marketing funnel that you need to understand once and it will pay you for your initial efforts.

If you have a time to understand the complete funnel, do it yourself but if you want a quick result then hire some professional who can do it for you.


Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media platforms are now getting stronger because more and more people are getting used to it. Businesses can’t afford to ignore social media networks.

Be active on social media doesn’t mean to just put content 2 or 3 times a day and expect a huge results. Instead make a Social Media Strategy that truly yields the result for your business.

Choosing a right platform is also an important parameter for your business success. For real estate business best social media platform that you can target is LinkedIn. As most of the professionals are present on LinkedIn and people only post and love to see serious content their.

Facebook is another option that will be utilize in many ways. Like Google PPC ads, you can run ads on Facebook too. Facebook gives lots of options to advertise your business. Making a conversion optimized campaign will provide best results for your business.

If you know about social media marketing, it is really difficult to focus on each platform and at the same time it is time consuming. So just focus on one or two platform that gives best results for your business.

Here are few things that you can post on your social media to stay updated,

  • New project listing
  • Images with few content
  • Videos or virtual tours
  • New blog post from website
  • Case studies
  • Client testimonials
Few Extra works you can do;
Micro Targeting
Opt for Classified Ads

Like newspapers, internet also have many classified ad sites. Listing your ads in all the website may not be possible. Give first priority to list your ad on Local classifieds that specifically target your area or city.

Classified ads may be paid or free depends on what they are offering. If your budget allows then only go for paid plans else list your ads to free classified sites.


Register your business in Property website

Many great property websites and apps are available in the market. List your business in all the property website and provide a link of your website there. It will not only help in your website SEO factor but also give nice exposure to your business.

Again these kinds of websites have both free and paid services, if you are having your own website we won’t recommend to take a paid service instead focus on your own website.

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